pH meter calibration kit

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Article No: 
pH meter calibration kit
Pack Size: 
15 tubes
Price: 75 EUR


  • Ready-to-use pH buffer solutions.
  • User friendly format with tube holder included.
  • Pre-filled test tubes for single use.
  • No preparation needed.





Product description

The pH meter calibration kit includes three different buffer solutions,with pH 4.0, pH 7.0 and pH 9.0. Each kit includes 5 x 18 ml of each buffer solution.



  • pH meter calibration


Directions for use

Use the buffers at 20°C. Discard used buffers daily.

Tip! Use the cover as a tube holder. Lift off the cover from the boxand place the cover on the table. Place one test tube of each type inthe holes in the cover.


Shipping and storage

The product is shipped at room temperature. Store the product atroom temperature, 18-25°C. Shelf life is one year.