SmartReagents for You!

Medicago offers a selected range of reagents and biochemicals that are extensively tested and are of very high quality, suitable for use in numerous life science and biotechnology applications. These reagents meet stringent requirements, such as adherence to compendial references where applicable and extremely low levels of trace element contamination.

Medicago's SmartReagents are manufactured in a controlled clean environment according to GMP procedures. A high level of automation essentially avoids operator intervention and contact with the products.

SmartReagents are supplied as exactly pre-weighed tablets packed in containers or blister packs, or as pre-weighed powders in sealed aluminium foil pouches.


  • Highest quality and purity
  • Pre-weighed tablets or powders
  • Eliminate calculation and weighing errors
  • Ideal for standardizing laboratory work
  • Ready-to-use in minutes

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5M Urea