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Protein A Variant PAII

Medicagos recombinant protein A, "PAII" is produces in E. coli using animal free media. The recombainat form has the cell binding domain removed, for reduced nonspecified binding and leakage.
  • 5 domain, wide range specificity
  • High activity and purity
  • Recombinant produced
  • Animal free production
  • Sterile filtered Lyophilized powder

Protein A Variant PAII

pH meter calibration kit

  • Ready-to-use pH buffer solutions.
  • User friendly format with tube holder included.
  • Pre-filled test tubes for single use.
  • No preparation needed


Ringer solution

  • Isotonic, non-toxic buffer.
  • Guaranteed reproducibility.
  • Ready to use in minutes.
  • Save space in stock rooms