Absolute Lectins

Trichosanthes japonica agglutinin II (TJA-II)

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Trichosanthes japonica agglutinin II (TJA-II)
Trichosanthes japonica agglutinin II (TJA-II)
Trichosanthes japonica agglutinin II (TJA-II)



• Two variants
• Affinity for lactose
• Ultrapure quality



• Anti-H agglutinin (TJA-II)


Product Description

TJA-II is isolated from the root tubers of Japanese gourd. It is highly purified and one purification step involves bio specific affinity chromatography to ensure highest possible binding affinity. TJA-II has affinity for lactose favouring fucose a1->2 lactose.

Storage and Stability

Stable for at least 3 years from production date when stored below -20 ̊C. May be shipped at ambient temperature. After reconstitution in PBS pH 7.4, the solution may be stored frozen in working aliquots for up to 12 months. Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. If slight turbidity occurs upon prolonged storage, clarify the solution by centrifugation before use.


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