Saponin from Gypsophila oldhamiana

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Saponin from Gypsophila oldhamiana




  • Hemolytic Index: 25000 (European Pharmacopoeia)
  • Glucose concentration in 10 % saponin solution: <16 mg/dL
  • Nonionic surfactant





Product description

Saponins are amphiphilic glycosides widely distributed in nature. Saponins from the Gypsophila species have long been known to exhibit hemolytic activity in very low concentrations. This product is a mixture of the saponins with the highest hemolytic activity from the roots of Gypsophila oldhamiana.

Some saponins from Gypsophila oldhamiana have been shown to have pancreatic lipase-inhibiting (Zheng et al.), α-glucosidase-inhibiting as well as adjuvant activities (Kong et al.).