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Wisteria floribunda lectin (WFL)

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Wisteria floribunda lectin (WFL)
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100 mg
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Wisteria floribunda lectin (WFL)
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5 mg
Price: 94 EUR

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  • Ultrapure quality
  • Sugar specificity: N-acetyl galactoseamine, galactose, complex oligosaccharides containing N-acetylgalactoseamine
  • Haemagglutinating activity
  • Lyophilized powder


Product description

"Wisteria floribunda lectin is isolated from japanese wisteria seeds and purified by affinity chromatography. The lectin has a molecular weight of 116 kDa and is composed of four polypeptide chains of 29 kDa.


The lectin labels selectively N-acetylgalactosamines beta 1 (GalNAc beta 1-3 Gal) residues of glycoproteins within the extracellular matrix of the neurons, and has been identified as a specific marker for functionally different cortical areas of the rodent brain. Wisteria floribunda lectin can also be used as a probe for serum biomarkers of several diseases such as liver fibrosis, liver cirrosis, IgA nephropathy, entometriosis and a long list of cancer types, with very low background noise.


Medicago’s Wisteria floribunda lectin is supplied as a white to yellowish-white lyophilized powder. The purity is determined by SDS- PAGE, which generates one single band at 29 kDa corresponding to the four polypeptide chains. The lectin is available in vials containing 5 mg or 100 mg powder, but for bulk purchases other packaging can be prepared. The product is to be used for laboratory work only."


  • Studies of glycoproteins
  • Histochemistry in neural tissus
  • Detection and isolation of serum biomarkers for several diseases
  •  Affinity chromatography

Directions for use

The lectin may be reconstituted with PBS or equivalent buffers, spin the vial gently until full dissolution.


Shipping and storage

The product is shipped at -20°C however for over-the-day transport it may be shipped at ambient temperature. The lyophilized powder is stable for more than three years from production date when stored below -20°C. After reconstitution with PBS, the solution may be stored frozen in working aliquots for up to 12 months.





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