Bioactive Proteins


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  • Calcium-binding protein
  • Intracellular receptor protein
  • Homogenous and highly pure
  • Lyophilized powder






Product description

Calmodulin is a bioactive protein isolated from bovine testes with a molecular weight of 16,7 kDa. The material is derived from cattle born and raised in Sweden, a country where BSE is non-existing. Calmodulin is a calcium-binding protein expressed in many eukaryotic cells. By binding to and regulating various protein targets, it affects cellular processes such as metabolism, nerve growth, apoptosis, inflammation, muscle contraction and memory.

Many proteins use Calmodulin as a calcium sensor and signal transducer, as the proteins themselves are not able to bind calcium. The molecule can bind a maximum of four calcium ions and by undergoing post-translational modifications such as acetylation, phosphorylation, proteolytic cleavage and methylation, its functions can potentially be altered.

Medicago’s Calmodulin is supplied as a lyophilized white powder or flocculate from 50 mM NH4HCO3 with 10 µM CaCl2. No preservatives are added. The protein content is analyzed by amino acid assay and is never less than 80 % of weighed substance. The material has been subjected to an acid treatment for minimum 30 min. The protein is derived from a single batch and is homogenous.



  • Protein calcium binding studies on the regulation of a multitude of different protein targets
  • Activation of cyclic nucleotide-dependent phosphodiesterase
  • Co-factor/activator for kinase studies
  • Studies of edema factor toxin and anthrax bacteria


Directions for use

The protein may be reconstituted with 2 ml of deionized water before use. Spin the vial gently until full dissolution. Aggregation is thought to occur in the presence of high concentrations of 2-mercaptoethanol.


Shipping and storage

The product is shipped at -20°C however for over-the-day transport it may be shipped at ambient temperature. The lyophilized powder is stable for more than five years from production date when stored below -20°C. After reconstitution with deionized water, the solution may be stored frozen in working aliquots for up to 12 months.



(1) A closed compact structure of native ca(2+)-calmodulin. Fallon J.L., Quiocho F.A. (2003) Structure 11:1303-7.

Crystal structure of bovine Ca2+ Calmodulin

Crystal structure of bovine Ca2+ calmodulin (1)